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search engine optimisation SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become an ever important requirement for businesses and the benefits of a good SEO strategy can be priceless.

SEO is not as complex as many people feel and we believe that quality content, links and a good web development structure can produce the rewards you are looking for. Whether your current website is not meeting your expectations or you're building a new website, we can support, advise and assist you in getting the most out of SEO.

Keyword research
Research on your industry key search terms is hugely important for your search engine optimisation to attract quality traffic to your website. Targeting the search terms typed into search engines looking for your products and services and then benchmarking this information is critical to monitoring the success of you SEO.

Web Page Layout
Placing your keywords in the right places on your web pages is as important as the keywords themselves. There are areas within your web page coding and on your web page itself that you can place targeted key phrases that will give you the edge over the competition.

Linking your web pages together enables the search engine spiders to navigate easily through your website. This linking helps search engine spiders understand what you are offering from your website and will give you the advantage of getting to page one in the natural search results.

SEO Copywriting
Balancing your copy to meet the requirements of search engines and the needs of the reader is the key to good online copy. Having the right content and volume is as important as is keeping things fresh. Understanding this balance is one of the best tools to stay ahead in the online race. At d4 we believe in following a best practice approach when writing for web to ensure our clients' websites fulfil the criteria of the top search engines.

Search Engine Ranking
d4 can provide a benchmark search engine ranking report for you to use to review improvements from the SEO techniques and see where the search phrases you have chosen are positioned in the organic search results.

By equipping your website with good, researched keywords and following the guidelines above you can compete in the organic search results on all major search engines.

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